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North Wales & Cheshire Lawn Services

Lawn Medic is your local independent lawn care company that provides our clients with knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service. Treating moss on every visit.

Lawn Care Experts That Provide a Personal Service

Every lawn is unique but when a problem arises, it’s important that you take appropriate action. As a local independent company, we provide lawn care services across North Wales that can bring your lawn back to life and ensure it is looking its best.

Our experience and knowledge enable us to identify what your lawn needs. We are fully trained professionals which means that we can keep your lawn weed and moss free, greener, healthier and more vibrant - because we know what works.

Our range of professional services are designed to tackle a wide range of problems. Some problems are simple to solve while others require patience and precision. Whatever your lawn needs, we can take care of it because we pride ourselves on delivering impressive results.

We provide bespoke lawn care treatments, remedial and machine renovation that guarantees your lawn is given a new lease of life.

It’s About Understanding the Needs of Your Lawn

We carry out lawn treatment across North Wales that you can rely on. We achieve this by carrying out a thorough analysis and assessment of your lawn at no cost. It’s then possible for us to determine what your lawn requires and from this, we can create a bespoke treatment plan. Lawn problems can vary, which means that a range of services might be required. But whatever your lawn needs, we guarantee that we will take care of it.

We provide treatments all year round and those treatments will differ depending on the season and what your lawn requires. Our experience, qualifications and expertise mean that we can restore your lawn to full health by adopting the right services and solutions. We take a considerate approach to wildlife and the environment while placing a focus on delivering a tailored service.

An unhealthy lawn can impact the look of your garden and property, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Lawn Medic we understand how to keep your garden free of weeds and moss, looking its fullest because we pride ourselves in providing an excellent service. In no time at all, you’ll soon see the benefits of our bespoke treatment, as your lawn will begin to look lush and healthy.

North Wales & Cheshire Lawn Services

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