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Remedial Renovation Services

Lawn Medic is your local independent lawn care company that provides our clients with knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly service.

Remedial Renovation

For a lawn that you can be proud of, We offer a wide variety of services. To get the most out of your lawn, a variety of services may be necessary if you’re having lawn problems such as Uneven growth in the shade, patchy slope, weeds, bald or bare spots, damage caused by pets, rusts (mainly yellow-orange powdery spots), moss, light rings filled in with grass, thinning grass, suspicious holes, among others.

Once you’ve received your free lawn inspection and estimate, we’ll offer you a detailed plan of action for improving your grass.

To keep your grass in good health, we supply seasonal feed and weed, and moss control solutions. Fertilizer applications customized to your lawn’s needs are included in all of them.

Following the sections below, you can learn more about each of our lawn care services and get information about our lawn services.

Lawn Renovation Methods

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