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Machine Renovation Services

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Machine Renovation

Don’t give up hope if you think your grass is beyond repair! Using step by step renovation approach, you can have a lawn that is completely repaired, transformed, and restored. Remove thatch and moss, deal with compaction, and feed nutrients back into the soil to promote target root growth by removing layers of thatch and moss To ensure that your new lawn looks its best, the renovation process will fix any damaged areas.

The procedure of renovating a lawn involves removing the grass to its bare dirt and then using specialized processes to create a lush, dark green, weed-free lawn.

● Is suitable for both small and large areas of grass.
● Removes thatch and moss from the ground.
● Repairs thatch-damaged portions that have dried out.
● Lush, weed-free grass is the result.
● An annual application of season-specific fertilizer treatments.

Machine Renovation Methods

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