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Lawn Treatment

Lawn Medic is your local independent lawn care company that provides our clients with knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly service.

Lawn Treatment

You can expect your lawns to be given the following treatments, depending on the needs of your grass at the time.

Spring treatment: Our services are frequently requested by homeowners in the springtime. Fertilizers will be applied to your lawn based on an assessment of its current state. As the year progresses, we want to avoid utilizing excessive amounts of nitrogen, as this can lead to issues. Excessive growth can also be caused by an abundance of nitrogen.

Early Summer Treatment: All of our customers want their lawns to look their best in the summer. In addition to the fertilizer that was provided to your lawn in spring, the feed we administer during this treatment will keep it lush and green all summer long.

Late Summer Treatment: In the latter months of the summer, we take into account how well your lawns have recovered from the previous treatment. As a result of prolonged drought, your lawns may be suffering from stress.

Autumn Treatment: One of the most crucial parts of our feeding regimen is this treatment, which prepares your lawns for the rigours of winter.

Winter Treatment: It's a good idea to use our winter treatment if your lawn has ever had moss issues. Fertilizers for liquid root growth are what we use to help.

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